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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Obedience Training #3

All we talked about was heeling. Which was fine with me since Cody apparently likes to test my "Alpha" status. She recommended placing the collar higher on the neck if Cody becomes stubborn. She said not to worry about the asthma-sounding breathing when he's pulling on the collar since it doesn't hurt since there's a lot of muscle at the base of the neck. She reassured me that if it were to hurt, Cody would stop immediately rather than continue pulling until he arrived at his destination.

I also asked the trainer how to stop the growling, and she was able to point out a few places that I can hold on to without getting bitten (jowls and scuff of the neck). I haven't had to use it yet, but it's good to know as I only have so much blood to give when he bites me.

Yesterday was the first day that I left him home alone (for 4 hours). His bladder was fine, but his attitude was not (he growled at me when I let him out). Now that I know how to better handle the growling, I think we'll be fine from now on.

OK, off to practice my new heeling technique (move collar to top of neck and walk with purpose without letting Cody stop to sniff, poo, or pee until I designate a place for him in the middle of our walk)


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